UPGRADE is a unique water insoluble polymer slow release agent designed to coat prilled urea granules.

Urea granules are water soluble, and coating them with Upgrade reduces the volatilization of the urea allowing it to remain in the soil for continued availability in the root zone.

Upgrade slows down Dissolution and Volatilization making your “N” management an effective component to higher yields.

  • Upgrade is a polymer-based granular product.
  • Lasts longer on the granule because it is not water soluble.
  • Sticks to urea surfaces to help reduce volatilization.
  • Allows for longer fertilization with even plant growth.
  • Reduces dissolving time and keeps nitrogen longer for plant development.
  • Improves Nitrogen efficiency and reduces Nitrogen loss by making it available to the plant.
  • Easily sprayed onto the urea granule with no clogging of sprays.
  • Reduces “inherent” dust during application to urea.


Use Rates

Use at 3-4 quarts per ton of urea.
When possible, It is recommended that high-pressure spray be used to maximize granule coverage.
Always read and follow label instructions.


2 x 2.5 Gallons per case
Tote / Mini-bulk 275 gal

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