HOOK is more than a “single purpose adjuvant”. HOOK’s functionality enhances the effectiveness of the pesticides and other agents in the spray tank that control or eliminate unwanted weeds, insects and fungus. You don’t need multiple adjuvants when HOOK is used. HOOK has superior adhesion to plant surfaces, improving contact activity which means more efficient spreading and penetrating power to your active ingredients.

  • Adapts to the type of pesticide solution used.
  • Has excellent proven drift control
  • Helps spray solution stick to the target
  • Optimizes coverage and improves penetration
  • Reduces droplet bounce-off
  • Reduces foam
  • Has wetting properties for all types of leafy surfaces

Hook Adjuvant

Use Rates

ONE RATE – 1 quart per 100 gal of spray mix (see label for additional recommendations)


2 x 2.5 Gallons per case Tote / Mini-bulk 275 gal

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Please follow all label instructions. May require use of DRA – Please refer to the drift reduction agent for the current list of approved tank-mix products listed on each manufacturers’ website.