Bio Sugar 5 gal pail

Bio-Sugar – Liquid Source of Sugar

Bio-Sugar is a concentrated liquid source of fructose and dextrose sugars, providing crops with energy and carbon sources needed to enhance plant growth and alleviate early root stress.

Bio-Sugar increases the population of bacteria and microorganisms in the soil, resulting in an enhanced release of soil minerals necessary for healthy plant production. Bio-Sugar improves the food source near the root zone, jump starts the colonization process, and prepares soil microbes to provide plant seedlings with needed plant nutrients. Bio-Sugar promotes the natural plant production of sugars resulting from

Bio-Sugar can be applied in-furrow or by foliar applications and is compatible with virtually all starter fertilizers and foliar applications containing herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers. Bio-Sugar is highly concentrated and only a small amount is warranted to increase soil pathogen activity.


Features & Benefits

  • Enhances plant growth in most crops
  • Eliminates early plant root stress
  • Increases soil pathogen activity
  • Promotes natural plant production of sugars
  • 61% fructose and dextrose
  • 1 gallon of Bio-Sugar contains 7 pounds of sugar
  • Highly stable and soluble liquid source of sugar
  • Compatible for use with most pesticides and starter fertilizers


Use Rates

Refer to Product Label Chart (PDF)

Foliar Application – 1-2 pints per acre
In-Furrow during Planting – 1 quart per acre


5 Gallon Pail / Mini-bulk 275 gal

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