Detergent based. Does not contain Ammonia, Alcohol, or Bleach

Work-Horse is a tank cleaner, plain and simple.  But, it is really the BEST Tank Cleaner available. Tests have shown that when a tank is cleaned with Work Horse, no residuals remain to hurt the next crop sprayed.

Follow label instructions. Make sure that all surfaces, top bottom and sides, get cleaned thoroughly. Spray clean out solutions on sensitive plants to insure appropriate clean out has been performed.

You will be totally satisfied that Work-Horse is the best tank Cleaner available.

  • Detergent based
  • Lessens contamination when changing from one chemical to another
  • Contains no chlorine, ammonia, alcohol, or bleach
  • Polymer agent protects pumps and valves
  • Reduces Strainer Clogging
  • Minimizes Nozzle Wear
  • Effectiveness is not reduced by hard water, which contributes to accumulation of residues
  • Great for cleaning Dicamba and 2,4-D residues


Use Rates

1-quart per 100 gallons of water for general tank cleaning.

In special tank conditions of difficult chemical build-up or obvious chemical or dirt-grime, you can use a more concentrated mixture of 1-4 quarts per 100 gallons.

LARGE VOLUME SPRAYERS – Use at a 400:1 ratio (1 gallon of WORK HORSE to 400 gallons of water). Close boom valve and add the water. Adjust the solution rate as needed for individual conditions.
After cleaning, take the last spray rinse and apply to test plants. Observe plants for potential damage and re-clean if required.

Follow WORK HORSE label instructions.


4 x 1 gallons per case

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