Micro Sugar 5 gal pail
Micro Sugar

Micro Sugar features an exclusive blend of NPK and EDTA micronutrients that includes sulfur, zinc, manganese and iron designed to stimulate early root and plant development.

Micro Sugar is a liquid multi-nutrient fertilizer that is designed to maximize the early plant growth of fruit, vegetables, and row crops. Common applications include trees, vines, berries, and field crops. Micro Sugar works from inside the plant, intensifying plant metabolism needed to optimize plant growth and yield potential.

Micro Sugar contains Bio-Sugar technology developed to enhance the natural plant production of sugars resulting from photosynthesis. Micro-Sugar stimulates early root development by increasing plant nutrient uptake from the soil and alleviates early root stress caused by cold and wet conditions.

  • Promotes rapid plant growth by boosting early cell growth and root
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Promotes plant health and protects young plants from stress
  • Enhances the formation of chlorophyll and the transfer of energy
  • Serves as a catalyst in the functions of respiratory enzymes
  • Speeds up the time to plant maturity and first fruiting
  • Tank-mix compatible with commonly used foliar persticides
  • Use Micro Sugar with Hook Multi-Functional adjuvant for best results


Use Rates

Refer to Product Label Chart (PDF)

1-3 quarts per acre (see label for crop specific recommendations)


5 Gallon Pail / Mini-bulk 275 gal

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