Micro K 5 gal pail
Micro K

Micro K features an exclusive blend of NPK and boron designed to increase the mineral density of the fruit in mature plants, resulting in a higher accumulation of sugar.

Micro K is a liquid multi-nutrient fertilizer designed to enhance the quality of crops during the fruiting stage of the plant. Common applications include trees, vines, berries, and field crops. Micro K optimizes the size, flavor and color in crops while promoting faster fruit development.

Micro K contains a high concentration in potassium designed to increases the rate of photosynthesis, improving fruit development. Micro K helps to protect mature plants from stress caused by drought, disease, and temperature extremes. Micro K should be applied with Hook Multi-Functional adjuvant for maximum absorption and efficacy.

  • Faster Fruit Development
  • Improves fruit quality, color, and flavor
  • Larger fruit size and weight
  • Increases photosynthesis by regulating carbon dioxide supply to crops
  • Optimizes the formulation of sugars and starch and increases
    mineral density
  • Promotes plant health and protects crops from stress
  • Use Micro K with Hook Multi-Functional adjuvant for best results


Use Rates

Refer to Product Label Chart (PDF)

1/2 – 3 quarts per acre (see label for crop specific recommendations)


5 Gallon Pail / Mini-bulk 275 gal

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