• TREBLE Is Here – #61


 CL #61, January 2014

TREBLE Can Help Sustain Nitrogen in Early Soil Application

  • TREBLE was designed to be added to UAN solutions and Anhydrous Ammonia.

  • TREBLE was developed to be used as a part of your nitrogen saving program.


What is TREBLE? 

      TREBLE is a mixture of polymers in an emulsifiable form when mixed with UAN and Anhydrous Ammonia. TREBLE’s polymer mixture holds onto the UAN in the soil. TREBLE is not a water soluble product that will volatilize quickly. TREBLE’s chemistry is totally different than any other product claiming to reduce volatility of UAN solution.


What does TREBLE do?

      TREBLE in UAN and Anhydrous Ammonia maintains more nitrogen avail­ability for your crops. TREBLE’s slow release polymer formula blend… ‘Hooks’ the nitrogen to the soil and releases it over time, during the essential stages of plant root development.


Why should you use TREBLE?

  • TREBLE is a unique blended liquid polymer slow release agent. It is designed to be added to UAN Solutions and Anhydrous Ammonia, to improve nitrogen efficiency by encompassing those Nitrogen materials with TREBLE and attaching it to the soil. The Nitrogen is then available in the soil/root zone for a longer period of time than UAN and Anhydrous Ammonia alone.
  • TREBLE maintains nitrogen availability for your crops and its slow release polymer formula blend attaches or “Hooks” the UAN solutions and Anhydrous Ammonia to the soil, and releasing it during essential stages of plant root development.
  • TREBLE can be safely used as a side dressing with your UAN solutions and Anhydrous Ammonia.
  • TREBLE is easy to use. When using TREBLE always refer to the label for use directions and safety precautions.


                                              Vol. 8 #1