• Spring Is Sprung – #62

Spring is Sprung and Weeds Will Rise!!!

CL #62, April 2014

HOOK is the No-Till Advantage in the Spray Tank

In No-Till fields burndown is the only way to go.  Burndown options are many; however, the fields need to be clean for the up-coming planting season.  Whether you use Glyphosate, Paraquat, 2.4-D, Dicamba, Canopy products or the old standards which include Atrazine, Sencor, Sceptor and First Rate, the key to unlocking weed control is using the right tank mix additive (adjuvant).   HOOK adjuvant does the job best.

Using HOOK at the 1-3 quart rate in No-Till fields with your selected herbicide will make your weed control more worry-free.  HOOK is the “All-In-One” adjuvant to use.  It has droplet specific functions in that the tank spray with HOOK will seek out those weeds in the messy field debris to coat, stick, penetrate and kill better than any other additive.   You don’t need to use COC (Crop Oil Concentrate), Ammonium Sulfate or any other Non-ionic surfactant when you can use HOOK.


Know Field Weed Conditions and Choose Herbicide Wisely

Marestail, henbit, pigweed…these are a few of our favorite weeds that HOOK can control when used in your No-Till herbicide tank mix for Spring Burndown.

  • Controlling large dense weed populations can be tough. Try to be realistic in expecting to control them.
  • Control those weeds that are the biggest concern, and then follow up after planting for those weeds not killed by burndown treatments. Always use HOOK as your spray tank adjuvant partner.
  • Coverage is important due to messy field debris. Usually, a 20-gallon per acre range (with HOOK) can accomplish this.
  • Herbicide choice needs careful consideration. When different weeds are in the field, more than one herbicide may be needed. Make sure they are compatible with one another and always read herbicide label directions and use HOOK as your source of a nonionic spray tank partner.
  • Using HOOK with 2.4-D can help with some highly sensitive weeds, but remember that replanting intervals and proximity to sensitive crops will limit its use now. Be cautious of soil pH and crop rotation restrictions with 2.4-D applications. Again, read and follow the product label directions.
  • Never cut rates…..and use HOOK at the 1-3 quart rate. Weeds are tough and reducing rates will not effectively control them. On known tough weed species, use the high rate of HOOK.
  • Always add HOOK last to the spray tank.

Temperature and Timing are Keys to Successful Burndown Applications

Timing:  If burndown applications are made too early, weeds may emerge again prior to planting causing crop emerging issues.  Weeds should be controlled at least a couple of weeks prior to planting for debris to decompose.

Weather:  Obviously, warmer weather is the best time for spraying No-Till for burndown.  Nighttime temperatures should be above 38º F and daytime temperatures in the high 50’s and low 60’s are recommended.

Application of herbicides in colder temperatures may cause varying weed control.  It is known that if weeds survive the initial burndown they may harden off and become less susceptible to future applications.

Crop Line 62 Spring is Sprung (PDF)

Vol. 8 #2