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Hook Shows “Very Positive Impact for Drift Reduction and Droplet Size Optimization”

According to Jackie Pucci, with AgriBusiness Global, “The pressure was already on for the ag industry to reduce drift” and that pressure is only going to increase. Pucci comments “Another example of the all-in-one product comes from Atlantic-Pacific Agricultural, which is banking on its Hook adjuvant to be paired with the new technologies, as growers seek […]

HOOK® Receives CPDA Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HOOK® Multifunctional Adjuvant Receives CPDA Certification from the Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology.

All About Adjuvants – #70

HOOK is “The Multi-Functional” reacted polymeric adjuvant to choose for assistance in herbicide control of resistant weeds.

Late Soybean Spraying – #68

Spray your soybeans with Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, and Fertilizers later in the season for better yields.

Spring Burndown & Tank Cleanout – #67

Time spring burndown properly. Clean spray equipment after each use.

Fall Weed Burndown – #66

Fall weed burndown prepares your fields for spring planting.

Dicamba & 2,4-D Spray Drift Control with HOOK – #65

Tips to prevent non-target spray injury to crops.

HOOK & Mic-Ro-Pac Give You Control – #64

Prepare for Late Spring Weeds, Insects & Fungus

HOOK and Hard-to-Control Weeds – #63

HOOK’S proven technology provides you with the needed advantage.

Spring Is Sprung – #62

HOOK is the No-Till Advantage in the Spray Tank